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Online Marketing

Online marketing can either lead to a business’ success, or it can be its very downfall. The principle of marketing is relatively the same across all different methods and disciplines. At its most basic level, it states that one must find a way to bring their product to their demographic. In doing so, one has the ability to use many methods being conducive to this success.

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Primarily, the objective of all marketing is to increase revenue generation. Once this is established, scalability must come next.


Many types of marketing are not only dependant on what kind of products you’re selling, but also how many overall.


There are multiple methods to the madness, but each one is also categorical. This includes types like outreach, supplementary, etc.

Marketing & Its Methods

Marketing, the time-honored and continuously proven necessity of any business. Everyone needs it, at least to some degree, but the question persists. How much do you need, and which way is the most effective. People have been in this dilemma in every field, in every industry, even in individual practices. However, few know the actual methods to gain the biggest return. Now, we’re not going to disclose the actual details here, for obvious reasons. Though, we will add some detail to how everything works.

    There are two main methods, and additional ways to track progress. Now, we can’t release an in-depth version of this without releasing methods, so it’s going to be rather condensed. First question, why do you need marketing? Anyone can set up an operation, but why hire marketing teams, agencies, or any other additional resources. The question, for the most part, has a simple answer. You can build the most intricate system/product on the planet, but if no one sees it, does it really exist? For your endeavor to reach fruition, it must first reach people.

    The first actual method, Social Media Marketing, is commonly known and referred to as ‘S.M.M.’ It’s a process that involves marketing yourself, or company, over networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Now, this normally involves a few methods. One of which is maintaining a strong presence on those networks to drive traffic through links, and even word of mouth. Another of which, paying for AdSpace on the different networks. In short, it shows people ads based on what they’re looking at or search. The final method (In this case), is paying high-level people to promote your product. This often involves paying high-level people on Twitter or Instagram to promote whatever it is you offer. This method worked, very well, up until recently. Now, this entire method has become volatile. The recent ruling of the United States’ FCC on the matter of Net Neutrality has completely stripped the dependability aspect of this option. Furthermore, I suggest that you read an article, the entire proposal, or one of our future case studies about the details of the ruling. The ruling made it to where (Among other things) companies (ie: Verizon) can price out access to individual websites/domains. Really, it gives them the permission to create subscription plans to access Facebook, Google, Instagram, SnapChat, or any other website, without the network’s permission. For fear of having to pay for access to these social networks arising, the method has become…volatile.

    The second method, Search Engine Optimization, is commonly referred to as ‘S.E.O’. It involves tailoring the structure of software, and websites to work with Google’s systems. The systems and algorithms run much deeper than this, but it’s difficult to talk about without releasing what makes companies like us hire-able. To go into more depth, this has to be created a certain way, really in compliance with a certain set of “rules” per se’. In addition, You can use other tools and resources to bolster your site, or self, without having to remake everything, Note though that if you do this, the difference will not be to the same magnitude. However, when implementing both, they work together seamlessly. Some would think, “Well, wouldn’t the FCC ruling apply to Google as well? How is this one more reliable?” Yes, that’s true, but consider something. The group of people on the Internet, even on the globe, have become dependent on things being served to them (When looking for information). Google knows this and knows that if everything is priced out, Google will be the most popular option without a shadow of a doubt.

    The tools used to actually monitor success, or at least traffic, aren’t that rare. Really you need two things, a DNS manager and an Analytic program (or two). The analytic program you normally want to work like this. You want it to have the ability to process and track requests sent to your site, and be able to track traffic actually following through to the site. There are multiple methods and services to do this, but they’re what will operate the best.

    Lastly, consider this. There are 1,440 minutes in a day. 480 minutes is typically spent asleep (for the average person). This leaves give-or-take 1000 minutes left, to do everything. Consider your average day, and think about every time you go to a social network versus every time you go on the Internet and/or use Google to make a search. Now, after you have those numbers, consider how long each session is. How long do you spend quickly checking your social media, versus searching something via a Search Engine? For most people, the answer that comes back will solidify everything thus far.

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