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Mobile Apps

Native, hybrid, and standard webview applications.


Build, sell, or broker the servers for your company to use.

Web Development

The platform for your group to operate and market.


SEO, SMM, and Outreach / (PPC) forms of marketing.

Launching Ahead

Combining industry proven tactics with intricate resources, working closely with our clients, we launch our customers above and beyond the results they ask for.

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Global Influence

We have various influential connections that allow us to complete any task and source any need, should it not be available.

In addition, we can look at global algorithms objectively to place our clients at the top.

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Company Services

The Many Different Things We Do

Cyber Security

Complete security audits, reviews, evaluations, and implementation of modern countermeasures.

Premium Design

Multi-Pass design methods that allocate multiple team members to craft your site from the ground up.

Content Management Support

Implementation of any modern Content Management System, or the crafting of your own platform.

Site Speed

Search Engine Optimization compliant improvements to boost page speed scores and loading times to insane levels.

Server Grade

No shackled third-party hosts. We give you a full server to operate your network, users, and sites on.


Verification of your business on either Google or many other platforms that support business verification across the board.

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The role that security plays in today’s world.

Expertly Trained By Curricula That Competes With

Our Team

The People Who Keep Us Running

Andrew Baker
Keon Brown
Chief Marketing Officer
Matthew Trice
Chief Communications Officer

Our Reputation

Quotes & Testimonials

Above all, he cares about his clients and his employees. His hard work and endurance with building up Chronal Studios makes him a powerhouse of dynamic leadership.

Matthew Trice

Internal Board Member / CCO

Chronal Studios uses research and state-of-the-art strategies to be at the forefront of the industry, where they belong.

Edward B. Fox III
Fox Emergence, LLC


Questions We Get All The Time

What is your team size ?

Our team currently consists of 50+ positions, but we’re looking to expand again before the year is over with. It’s difficult to do so while still enforcing strict training.

How much do you charge ?

It largely depends on what you need. It could be anywhere from $100-250 / hour, then we have to calculate the project, discounts, licenses, hardware, and other variables to get your final price.

Do you offer support ?

Yes, we offer two kinds of support. A basic kind is included with any projects in case there’s an error on our part. Anything extra falls under various insurance plans that we provide.

Where are you located ?

We operate all our locations remotely, but we’re based out of Atlanta, GA. However, we can relocate to clients if necessary.

Technologies you specialize in ?

Everything from server setup to full, unequivocal, cyber security (and physical security) overhaul from top to bottom. We can also handle simple things like online stores as well.

Are you available currently ?

Unless we specifically state otherwise via a news post, a PR release, or something on social media, you can assume that someone here is always available.

News & Announcements

Our news area will be coming soon.

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